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Walmart Supercenter

Shawnee, KS


Stormwater treatment ordinances were adopted by the municipality between the time Walmart purchased the property and when the project permit was submitted.  As such this site became subject to the Stormwater Treatment Ordinance of the City of Shawnee.  PEI designed seven stormwater bioretention basins to treat runoff from the building and parking lot areas.  Inlet filters were also incorporated to provide capture of parking lot floatables during first rainfall events.  These bioretention basins and inlet filters were designed to treat the water quality storm event, then release the treated site discharge into receiving city storm sewer.  PEI provided final as-built surveys and certifications of the stormwater treatment facilities.

Church of the Ascension
Permanent Stormwater Quality
Overland Park, KS


This existing church desired additional parking for their patrons and had excess land east of their facility to use for a new parking lot. PEI provided all entitlement representation, land surveying and civil engineering design for the new parking lot, performed stormwater design and stormwater treatment design for a new rain garden that treats runoff from the new parking lot.  The raingarden holds storage of the water quality storm event, with native plantings incorporated into the infiltration and landscape design.  PEI provided as-built surveys and final certification of this basin for City permit closeout.

Legacy Senior Residence Permanent Stormwater Quality
Olathe, KS

PEI included three stormwater bioretention basins to treat runoff from a new senior living apartment project.  These bioretention basins were designed to treat the water quality storm event, then release the treated site discharge into receiving natural waters.

Hilton Garden Inn LEED Design
Olathe, KS


As part of the civil engineering and land surveying that PEI provided on this project, a significant component to our work included providing LEED compliant civil engineering design components for the project.  The site design included removing an above grade detention basin, and relocating it underground to provide room for additional parking on the site (thereby reducing the footprint of land necessary for the complete project.  The underground storm chambers (seen to the left) have infiltration components and also have provided reduction in overall stormwater discharge from the siite.   The project also included fuel efficient car parking, certified erosion control plans, and bicycle parking facilities.

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