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87th and Mission Road RCB Replacement

Leawood, KS


In a joint effort with the City of Prairie Village, the City of Leawood contracted with the PEI & J2 team to complete the design of a replacement for a deteriorating culvert under Mission Road at 87th Street. The floor of the existing box had multiple repairs and extensions to the box have over the years. Final plans were completed for a complex 15’ x 5’ precast reinforced concrete box culvert.


The projects design was constrained by the established surrounding neighborhoods as well as multiple utility conflicts, while still maintaining traffic flow on the 4-lane Mission Road thoroughfare. Goals of the project included improvement of the conveyance of the culvert and reducing the risk of overtopping the roadway, as well as improvement of  the upstream and downstream condition while eliminating growing erosion to the downstream channel,. A total of 5 storm sewer pipes tie into the inside of the box from adjacent roadway storm sewer systems.

65th & Flint

Shawnee, KS


Phelps Engineering was selected by the City of Shawnee to design an emergency storm sewer repair. Subsequent to a large rainfall event, a 108" CMP under 65th Street failed which caused the roadway to collapse. The survey was completed the day after PEI was given notice to proceed and the design was complete and out for bid two (2) days after the survey was complete. The project included replacing the existing pipe and headwall with 96" RCP, headwalls and a 14'x12' junction box. The roadway was open to traffic 3 weeks after construction began

Lindenwood Drainage SMAC Improvements

Olathe, KS


The City of Olathe contracted Phelps Engineering, Inc. to complete surveying, design, and construction plans for 2 flood control projects adjacent to Lindenwood, extending from 153rd Terrace to approximately 800' north of 151st Street.


The project included replacement of 2 RCB's, retaining walls, environmental restoration, FEMA LOMR, COE permitting, sanitary sewer pipe bursting, storm sewer replacement and waterline relocation. A unique aspect of the project included replacing an existing concrete channel with a naturalistic stream with pools and riffles to contain the channel forming runoff event. The outer banks of the channel were defined by large block gravity retaining walls. The project also included utility coordination, public involvement, trail and pedestrian bridge modifications and landscape restoration.

Johnson County Flood Studies


Phelps Engineering, Inc, set the standard for Johnson Watershed FEMA Floodplain studies. As the Lead or consultant on 5 of the 7 watershed studies in Johnson County, PEI was intimately involved in updating most of Johnson County’s floodplains utilizing updated data and improved hydrologic, hydraulic, and GIS methodologies, determine floodplain and floodway limits for existing-development and future-hydrology conditions, revise current FEMA flood insurance rate maps (FIRMs), and recommend improvements for house flooding problem areas.  PEI was responsible for overall project management and county-city-consultant communication.  Revised creek discharges were computed using HEC-1 hydrologic modeling software.  Hydraulic water surface profiles of all channels and drainage areas greater than 160 acres were computed using HEC-RAS.  House flooding problem areas were identified and recommended improvements were be developed for each site.  A comprehensive Watershed Study Report was compiled and submitted to the Johnson County Stormwater Management Program and all cities within the watershed boundaries. PEI performed most of the flood study surveying tasks associated with the watershed studies. PEI surveyors utilized the countywide horizontal and vertical Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) survey-control system, which was set in part by Phelps Engineering in cooperation with the Johnson County AIMS Department. Permanent benchmarks, reference ties, and monuments were set at each hydraulic structure to establish a local horizontal and vertical datum control.

Daybreak Ridge / Bluestem Dam

Overland Park, KS



PEI prepared construction documents and associated permitting for a 140-acre single-family residential development, which included the design and permit of public streets, storm and sanitary sewer, HEC-RAS floodplain modeling, CORPs permitting for lake and stream work, KDWR Class “C” Hazard Dam, Stormwater Detention, erosion control, cost estimates and construction services. Some of the project challenges included acquiring permits from the City of Overland Park, U.S. Army CORPs and KDWR while providing a timely project with minimal delays.

147th and Brougham SMAC Improvements

Olathe, KS



PEI teamed with J2 Engineering to complete the design and construction plan preparation of a flood improvement projects within the City of Olathe, located at 147th Terrace & Brougham Drive. The project was approved for Johnson County SMAC funding through a PES and received 75% County participation. The project removed eight houses from the 100-year floodplain by implementing channel and culvert improvements.


The existing undersized culvert under Brougham Drive was replaced and enlarged with a new pre-cast twin RCB, and the upstream channel overbanks were re-graded. Large block walls were added along the channel to provide additional channel capacity and stabilize the channel side banks. A hydrologic review was completed and hydraulic analysis to confirm that the design meets the project goals to remove approximately eight houses from the 100-year floodplain and provide 1-foot of freeboard. PEI is also responsible for utility coordination, meeting City of Olathe construction and floodplain requirements, and obtaining all federal permitting.

Merriam PES's

Merriam, KS



Phelps Engineering was selected by the City of Merriam to complete 11 preliminary engineering studies for flooding deficiencies throughout the City. The studies included enclosed storm sewer design, open channel modeling, bank stabilization design, culvert sizing and cost estimating. Several of the studies were utilized by the City to leverage funding from the Johnson County Stormwater Management Program. The studies continue to guide the City in prioritizing Capital Improvement Projects.

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